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I Just returned from Houston Quilt Market where I was promoting my first book “Contemporary Paper Pieced Quilts”.  It is through Landauer/Fox Chapel Publishing. It felt a little surreal,  in a good way! Quilt Market is a place when you can talk quilting with anyone and everyone and no-one’s eyes glaze over.  If you know what I mean.

There are 8 projects in the book ranging from beginner to more advanced quilts, as well as a “how to” paper piece chapter.  The way I see it there are three ways to go wrong when you are quilting.  Improper cutting, inaccurate sewing or incorrect pressing.  Using the paper piecing method cutting does not matter.  You just rough cut your fabric  approximately half-inch larger than the shape you need, and trim it  after you sew.  As far as the sewing goes, as long as you sew on the lines provided, it will work.  That leaves your pressing, and that is not rocket science.   So it is great for beginners who want their points to be pointy!  Here are some of the projects from the book.





I took these on the way to the cottage just last week.  Not exactly beach weather, but it was a beautiful day for a drive.

First quilt is called Beloved, second is Sweet Tooth,  third is Sunday Drive, and the fourth is Guess How Much I love You.

Make time to quilt!

Jeannie 🙂


Memories of Quiltcon 2017

Quiltcon was a milestone in my quilting career.  This is the quilt show put on by the Modern Quilt Guild.  After seeing the show I was  exploding with inspiration! A lot was packed into 4 days but so worth it!   First and foremost, this is my quilt, titled Fireworks.  Yes, that is me beside the quilt… it placed 2nd in the Modern Traditionalism category.  This was the first QuiltCon that I have attended and definitely not my last!

I took a couple of classes, one being with Violet Craft.  It was titled Paper Piecing with Jungle Abstractions. It finishes at 60″ square, and is a very detailed paper piecing project of a lion. She is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable AND patient. I also attended Samarra Khaja’s lecture called Concept Quilts and How to Up Your Quilting Game the Funny Haha Way.  Samarra is a good friend, and it was great to meet up with her over the course of the show.

There were so many beautiful quilts at the show. My phone was acting up and wasn’t holding a charge for a full day, so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. I thought I would share some of the ones I did take with you.

First of all the winning quilt was jaw dropping gorgeous. It is called “Bling” and was made by Katherine Jones of Chigwell, Tasmania, Australia. I kept circling back to take another look! Made exclusively with solids, so very clean looking. But the dimension that was achieved using solids is quite remarkable. Usually solids look quite flat, but with the attention to what would have been the light source as well as many values and colours Katherine brought this diamond to life!

This quilt is called Modern Waves Quilt and it was designed and made by Kristi Schroeder. It won 1st place in the Modern Traditionalism. Kristi designs beautiful modern patterns which you can see at

The amazing quilting in this quilt is what drew me in. This quilt is made by Shannon Page of Dallas, Texas.  I just love it when there is a hidden message or some textured fabric that fools your eye.  In this case Shannon trapunto quilted TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY onto the quilt, surrounded by a bazillion pebbles.  I love the improv log cabins blocks done in solids with the odd little texture print thrown in.IMG_2774.jpg

This quilt is by Hillary Goodwin from Auburn Ca . It took third place in the Applique category.  It is beautifully executed and again the quilting on it blew me away!IMG_2656.jpg

This quilt was not only won People’s Choice  award it came in second 2nd place in the improvisation category. It is called Lincoln, and is pieced and quilted by Kim Soper of Huntington NY.  Her inspiration was an image by Ihsan Ekaputra.IMG_2699.jpg